The Library collects more of 5000 volumes between Sixteenth and Twentieth centuries, most of all about history, local interest, Italian and foreigner classical, codex, law manuals and veneration texts.

The most recent books are about local history, art history and traveling books.

Besides the Cinquecentine and Seicentine, are very interesting the first editions of biographical works by the Jesuit Longaro degli Oddi (1685-1773) and even nowadays published in all the main languages.

Are also very interesting the wedding publications, various deceased memories and obituaries that allows to reconstruct the lifes of local characters.

Moreover there is the Seventeenth-century manuscript Memorie Auguste or Annali della Chiesa Perugina that reports the chronological bishops’ succession, and the first Italian ornithology work: Il canto de gl’augelli by Antonio Valli in 1601.

The ancient Fund of the Library is preserved in a space on the noble floor near the Second Lanscape Waiting Room inside the Lady Apartment and has been classified.

The modern Fund, which has been classified on the 50% thanks to funding by Umbrian bibliographic and archivistic Superintendence, is preserved on the ground floor.

For the bibliographical research you can consult the Opac website.

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