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    • Authorisation to consult confidential documents and to reproduce them in copy or facsimile is strictly personal.
    • Authorisation to consult documents containing personal data does not release the scholar from criminal and civil liability for offences or damages arising to persons and entities for the undue citation of names and surnames and for the dissemination of information contained in the documents consulted.
    • Authorisation for consultation does not exempt the researcher from ascertaining and, if applicable, regularising any copyrights due to other parties on the same assets.
    • The undersigned undertakes to donate a copy of his or her publication or dissertation to the archive library.
    • The undersigned also declares that he/she has not been convicted of any criminal offence, that he/she is not in one of the incapacities that lead to the loss of electoral rights and that he/she is not excluded from the reading rooms of archives and libraries.
    • The undersigned consents to the computer processing of his/her personal data in this application.
    • The undersigned undertakes to respect all the rules contained in the Rules of Admission to the Historical Archive of the Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation available to scholars.
    • The applicant subscribes to the ‘Code of ethics and good conduct for the processing of personal data for historical purposes’.