The archival fund is made by 779 pieces and contains the documents related to degli Oddi and Marini Clarelli’s family and the families marry into them (as the Guglielmi di Antognolla).

The documents are dated from the Nineteenth century to 1994.

Fund constitution

Of the 779 pieces the fund is made by:

  • 302 registers;
  • 178 envelopes;
  • 77 booklets;
  • 11 folders;
  • 185 packages;
  • 10 albums;
  • 5 boxes;
  • 8 volumes;
  • 1 roll;
  • 1 pamphlet.

Among these there are parchments, letters, accounting documents related to family business’, personal sheets of some members of the family, postcards and photographies.

The documentation is pretty significant: particularly, some acts like the Statuto di Laviano, ancient degli Oddi’s property.

The fund has been declared of important historical interest on 29th March 20006.

The archive inventory has been written in 2016 by Chiara Scionti thanks to the funding by the General Archival Direction. It’s consultable online inside the Unifed Informatic System of the Archival Superintendence. It can be consulted online at the State Archives of Perugia.

The inventory is a fundamental tool for every research asking the archival consultation inside the palace.

Archive consultation