degli Oddi’s Family

One of the most famous Italian family with ancient origins blended to the myth.

The major part of the historian believes that degli Oddi’s family has Hungarian origins and arrived in Perugia following the Emperor Frederick I of Swabia.

The family’s presence is documented since the Fourteenth century: they got the feudal supremacy over various Umbrian castles (Laviano, Lisciano, Pierre, Poggio Aquilone).

The bloody conflict against the Baglioni’s family had been very important. Baglioni were popular and Ghibelline, whereas the degli Oddi’s family was aristocratic and Guelph.

On 1474 the weeding between Sforza degli Oddi and Isabetta Baglioni seemed to end the conflict, but starting from 1482 the relationships started to be nervous again until the final burst on 28th October 1488: the Baglioni’s family won and the degli Oddi’s family had been exiled and their assets requisited.

On 1506 – thanks to Giulio II degli Oddi’s will – the family came back from the exile and took back their assets.

With the Baglioni’s nest removal due to Paul III’s will constructing the Paolina Fortress, the degli Oddi’s family took more and more politic and economical power.

On 5th December 1942 Maria Vittoria degli Oddi passed away and the main family branch extinguished. She was Luigi Marini Clarelli’s wife.

The son Angelo Marini Clarelli married Angela Guglielmi and they got four children: Pietro, Maddalena, Luisa and Barbara and they also inherited aunt Antonio’s assets, who died unmarried.


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